Sophie Simkins

I joined PureGym to help me feel stronger and healthier, however having little experience in the gym I thought a personal trainer would be really helpful. Hannah was really approachable and helped me on day one. I felt really comfortable around her so I asked her to be my personal trainer.

Hannah is very patient, knowledgable and a great teacher. She has really listened to me throughout the past 3 months, and I can already feel and see the difference. Training with Hannah has provided me with a really good understanding of the equipment, the muscles they engage and the impact of improving my diet.

Hannah is great at knowing when to push me, but also really cares about me and my well-being. She has not only helped me feel stronger and healthier day to day, but she has also helped me gain confidence in the gym, and I feel empowered whilst following her clear and effective session plans.

Getting a personal trainer has been one of the best experiences. It’s helped me maintain my motivation for the gym, but Hannah has made it enjoyable. I would highly recommend Hannah, as not only is she an experienced and talented personal trainer, she is a joy to spend time with and I’m very grateful for her continued support!