Hayley Merritt

"I decided to instruct a PT after losing a lot of self confidence, and motivation to exercise during the first lockdown. Immediately after the initial consultation with Hannah she made me feel better and was a very good listener. She was clear about what the plan would be like and how it would work and we were ready to go almost immediately.

Hannah has been incredibly supportive through the pandemic and did everything she could to accommodate me, whether it be outdoor sessions with her (when allowed) or FaceTime sessions at home.

She explains everything so clearly and getting form on point is actually the hardest bit! If there was something I would struggle with she’d be able to adapt the exercise immediately and think of something else to do.

Our sessions would involve very hard work but also a lot of talking and laughing! It showed because after only 6 weeks I had dropped almost two dress sizes and could get back into my old clothes!

Hannah is so easy to get on with which helps because she will push you to work hard! Loved every minute of my plan (I think 😉!)"