Charlotte Gillan

"I had the pleasure of having Hannah as my PT for a 3 month period recently. Having been one of those infrequent gym-goers who rarely used a machine let alone thought of touching weights (mostly due to being scared of getting things wrong and lacking confidence), within a few sessions with Hannah that fear vanished and my relationship with the gym transformed. We focussed on legs as I initially wanted to improve my strength as a competitive tennis player, however Hannah never failed to vary the sessions, keeping me engaged and interested in the exercises so it never became a chore. Going to the gym eventually became an invaluable outlet for stress around my university final exams and seeing Hannah’s lovely smile each week motivated and inspired me to try harder. As well as my attitude towards the gym I have also noticed a change in my appearance and mood which is an added bonus! I can not recommend her more as a trainer. Thank you Hannah xx"